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April 2007


Ashley PromoIn February 2007, FWA hired Ashley D. Emery, to serve as Executive Director.  “I am excited about the opportunity to join FWA and be an advocate for water rights and private property rights for residents of rural Northern California.  Being born in Visalia, I have experienced the benefits and challenges of preserving small agricultural communities. I feel privileged to join such a diverse and passionate group of individuals who have been instrumental in the preservation of agriculture in our communities. As the new Executive Director of FWA, Ashley will be committed “to serve as an advocate, representative and voice of the public in regards to the concerns in our communities.”  She believes that her experience and knowledge of public relations, and local and statewide politics, will be “important in making sure our concerns are heard by our elected officials and the challenges facing our rural communities are addressed.” Furthermore, Ashley stated “the best knowledge I can gain is from the members and businesses in these communities” and invites people to contact her at the FWA office to express their individual concerns.”

Ashley, a resident of Colusa, obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies/ Public Relations from California State University, Sacramento. 

Family Water Alliance is a 501(c) 3 non-profit educational corporation.  The mission of FWA is educate through public outreach and be a strong grassroots voice for the protection of water rights and private property rights, while promoting conflict resolution that is beneficial to both man and the environment.

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