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Fall 2011

Redevelopment Agency Update

Family Water Alliance has been following the important private property rights issue in California regarding the elimination of Redevelopment Agencies (RDA’s).  For decades RDA’s have been the worst abusers of eminent domain in the state.  With drastic cuts needed to be made to our state’s budget, Governor Jerry Brown sought to reform RDA’s in California to make sure they are paying their fair share.

Unfortunately, this has caused the California Redevelopment Association, along with the League of California Cities to challenge the constitutionality of these reforms.  The lawsuit claims that this reform bill violates Proposition 1A, passed by voters in 2004, to limits the states use of local funds for their own purposes.

The court case is on an expedited basis in order to be decided by January 15, 2012 when the RDA reforms are set to go into effect.  ■


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