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Fall 2011

Another Wet Winter

As farmers finish up harvest and get ready for duck season many are wondering if we will have another wet winter.  Spring storms helped fill our reservoirs and irrigate California’s rich agricultural lands.  Most water districts received 100 percent water allocation this year, but the Central Valley Project (CVP) water users south of the Delta still only received 80 percent of water allocation, even with one of the wettest years on record. 

The CVP began the 2012 water year on October 1st.  Due to the heavy rains and the massive 2011 snowpack, the CVP has 9.3 million acre feet (MAF) of water stored in 6 key California reservoirs as we enter another rainy season.

At this time last year CVP has 7.3 MAF of water stored, in 2009 storage was at 4.8MAF and in 2008 4.1 MAF.  Flood control mangers will monitor this year’s rains very closely to assure adequate capacity in our flood control system.   ■


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