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Fall 2012

Governor Signs DFG Name Change

In January, the California Department of Fish and Game  will be changed to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Assemblyman Jared Huffman authored the bill that was signed into law by the Governor.  Huffman sites that the name change came from the departments advisory committee, but  hunting and fishing groups are fearful this is a new direction for the department away for its historical purpose. 

Many site the name change as a nod to environmentalists and animal rights activists. Twleve other states still use “Game” in the names of their wildlife agencies.  Hunting and fishing enthusiasts have noted a trend in eliminating the word “game” for state department titles.

“Generally this means a shift towards butterflies, endangered species and stuff like that”, said Mike Faw a spokesmen for the U.S Sportsmen’s Alliance. 

The change is reported to have stemmed from a two year effort to develop a strategic vision for the department.  Of the 51-member “stakeholder advisory group” only ten groups are related to hunting, but the department generates million of dollars from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses.  
California created the nation's first fish commission in 1870, expanded it to include game in 1878, added a Division of Fish and Game in 1927 and elevated it to the Department of Fish and Game in 1951.  ■

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