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Fall 2012

Locals Honored for Flood Control Efforts

The Colusa County Board of Supervisors and Senator Doug LaMalfa honored local community members for their dedication and commitment to assuring flood protection for our rural communities.   Supervisor Denise Carter organized the special presentation to honor Lady Bug Doherty, Ben Carter, Lewis Bair, Ashley Indrieri and Tom Ellis for their work on the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan.

In addition to their work on the Flood Plan, Colusa County was honored to have both Doherty and Carter serve as members of the Central Valley Flood Protection Board.  While both were recently replaced on the board, both Carter and Doherty helped assure that the flooding issues that plague rural communities received equal attention and understanding from the State of California.

Supervisor Carter commented “Colusa County has been a leader in flood protection issues since the valley was settled.  We are very fortunate to have local residents engaged in leading the flood protection efforts today.”

Ellis is known for his extensive knowledge and dogged determination of the protection of rural communities from flooding.  Ellis was instrumental in getting the State of California to clean out the Tisdale Bypass that had been clogged with vegetation and debris for over a decade. Ellis thanked LaMalfa and his staff for their critical assistance to make sure the bypass was cleaned out. “I’m not sure if it is us that has helped you or you that has helped us”, said Senator LaMalfa.

Tom Ellis was critical in convincing the State of California Department of Water Resources to create an agricultural stewardship workgroup to assure that the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan included and described the critical role that agriculture plays in our flood control system.

Indrieri, who currently serves as the chief operations officer of Family Water Alliance, was also honored for her commitment to assuring that our rural agricultural communities received investment in flood protection and for being a tireless advocate for the protection of farming and our way of life. 

Bair is the current general manager of Reclamation District 108, and was honored for the countless hours he spends on flood protection for our region.  Bair is also spearheading the continued outreach effort for Sacramento Valley region in the next phase of the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan.  Lewis Bair thanked the Board and LaMalfa for their support of flood protection for our region.

“I would like to thank the Board of Supervisors, Senator LaMalfa and Assemblyman Nielsen for this recognition.  The success the Central Valley Flood Protection Board is due to the grassroots support and involvement like those who were honored here today”, said Ben Carter.   ■

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