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Fall 2013

Delta Tunnels Cause Concerns for Locals

On a hot August day residents from Northern California were able to air their concerns about the proposed Delta tunnels at a panel hearing about the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.  Many may remember the peripheral canal in the early 80’s and this proposal is proving to be just as controversial. 

The plan known as the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) would construct a water delivery system under the Delta and restore habitat for 56 different species.  Pumping restrictions at the state and federal pumping plant in Tracy have put the BDCP into high gear in an effort to create a more reliable water supply for farmers and urban residents, according to the project proponents. 

A meeting in Chico was just a small fraction of those who have grave concerns about the impacts of the BDCP to north state water supplies and Delta agriculture.  The state has attempted to alleviate some of the concerns that property owners and community members have raised by changing the configuration and size of the pumping facility. Even will the proposed changes the BDCP would still take out over 100,000 acres of farmland in the Delta in an effort to supply water to another part of the state.

A key component of the BDCP will be the environmental documents that are going to be released for public review on November 15th.  The documents will allow the public to weigh-in on the environmental and economics impacts that this massive construction project could have on our state, 

According to state officials, during the formal public review period, which will run from November 15, 2013 to March 17, 2014, members of the public and other interested parties may access copies of the document online, at repositories throughout the state,or request copies for review. The state and federal lead agencies on the project will also hold a series of public meetings during January and February of 2014 to provide information about the project and accept formal comments.



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