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Green Ribbon Reports

January 2007

FWA Working for You.....Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  • Continually represents landowners as a grassroots voice on issues of concern through public speaking venues and testimonies. Issues a variety of publications in the form of articles, letters, memoranda, and white papers, reflecting FWA's educational positions.
  • Keeps our constituency aware of issues that affect and impact water rights, private property rights, and rural agricultural communities through a quarterly newsletter to over 5,000 homes and businesses.
  • Frequently works with local agencies, levee districts, reclamation districts, and the State Reclamation Board in an effort to assure the proper operation, maintenance, and repairs to the Sacramento River flood control system. Such efforts work to assure that the residents of the Sacramento Valley are receiving the highest level of protection for their homes, businesses, farms, and families.
  • Has extensively participated in the legislative dialogue that resulted in the final draft of Proposition 1E, the $4.1 billion dollar bond for improving the flood control system. In concert with local levee districts, led several tours for legislators and decision makers to educate them regarding the needs and concerns with the flood control system. Met with Governor Schwarzenegger to discuss revision of flood control polity to assure the protection of Sacramento Valley residents.
  • Attends scores of CALFED, Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum (SRCAF), and other environmental program meetings to serve as a watchdog and a voice of landowners on the negative impacts (economic, regulatory, flooding, community, agricultural) caused by these programs.
  • FWA is the driving force for the establishment of meaningful landowner assurances and a robust good neighbor policy that will assure to minimize, avoid, and/or mitigate for any of the negative impacts caused by these programs.
  • Conducts frequent presentations to local high schools, college classes, city councils, county Boards of Supervisors, and state and federal elected officials to educate them regarding issues of concern for rural agricultural communities.
  • Was the lead organization in successfully opposing the abuse of the extraordinary power of eminent domain by Yolo County to needlessly and imprudently seize the Conaway Ranch. FWA testified on several occasions at the State Capitol in support of several legislative measures aimed at reforming the eminent domain process in a manner that would be respectful of private property rights. Participated on the California Alliance to Protect Private Property Rights Board.
  • Participates in local ad hoc committees and meetings to discuss and address issues of concern associated with increased development within the rural communities of the Sacramento Valley.
  • Represents landowner's voice in the development of the Sacramento Valley Integrated REgional Water Management Plan, the California State Water Plan, and the Tuscan Aquifer.
  • Participated in dispute resolution regarding issues of recreation, agriculture, and habitat restoration, between landowners, and water agencies and the resource agencies, including Sate Parks, DFG, USFWS, and others.

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