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July 2007


By Richard Bottini, FWA Chairman of the Board

In reflecting back, I am absolutely convinced that Family Water Alliance (FWA) is one of the most productive organizations with which I have ever been associated. FWA has informed and educated our elected offficials of issues that affect our agricultural and recreational industries.

We also fight vehemently to protect your private property rights. Our intent has always been to stay independent and represent our communities from a grassroots level.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to Marion Mathis and Susan Sutton. In the beginning, their unlimited efforts and dedication created a solid and credible organization. Our newsletter now reaches over 5,000 members.

In the future we will be faced with many challenges. The Endangered Species Act will remain the tool of choice for extreme environmental groups and over zealous governmental organizations. We are very concerned with current ecosystem restoration projects being conducted on the Sacramento River. These projects will affect future flooding and completely disregard local landowner wishes. Additionally, neighboring farms are being negatively impacted by these projects, and no one is replacing their financial losses.

FWA exists because of your generous donations. Our Board of Directors is very talented and serves with no compensation. Your donations are used solely to maintain our local customs and cultures, and to protect our precious agricultural and recreational industries. I thank all of you for allowing us to continue to represent you in the future. ■

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