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July 2007


The Pest and Regulatory Study, which is part of Colusa Subreach planning, has been completed. The initial part of the study, which is being done by EDAW, showed that elderberry bushes may cause regulatory problems for neighboring farms. Also the study reveled that certain pest species may increase due to new riparian habitat being planted adjacent to existing farms.

A major concern is how these potential problems will be mitigated.  Potential solutions presented by EDAW were, the Good Neighbor Policy (GNP), Safe Harbor Agreements, and buffer zones. All these solutions have drawbacks that must be mitigated. The GNP is a flawed policy that offers little safeguards to farms. Safe Harbor Agreements are untested by farmers and many are unlikely to enter into the agreement. Buffer zones offer the best solution presented but the details are yet to be agreed upon. 

There are upcoming Subreach meetings where other completed studies will be presented.  Family Water Alliance will continue to monitor Colusa Subreach planning in order to protect local landowners and agricultural operations. ■

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