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Water Pump-Efficiency Program Extended

California water pump owners can save on energy costs by participating in the Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program (APEP).   The program, which has been extended through 2012, has the goal of improving overall pumping efficiency and encouraging energy conservation.  APEP offers free educational seminars and materials, technical assistance, subsidized pump efficiency tests, and cash incentives to those retrofitting a pump to improve efficiency.  Since 2002 APEP has disbursed over $3.4 million in pump test subsidies and $4.3 million in cash incentives for pump retrofits.

Eligibility has been expanded and currently extends to all owners or users of a non-residential, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) electric or natural gas utility account that is primarily used for pumping water for production agriculture, landscape or turf irrigation, or municipal purposes, including potable and tertiary-treated (reclaimed) water but excluding pumps used for industrial processes, raw sewage, or secondary-treated sewage, and who are paying the Public Purpose Programs Charge.  Customers should call APEP first if there is a question concerning their eligibility.

Applications to participate in the program, a list of the approved pump-testing companies, and additional details are available on the web site at, or by calling the main office at (800) 845-6038.  APEP also maintains regional offices in Northern California at (559) 260-6148 and on the Central Coast at (805) 547-1130.

APEP is implemented on behalf of the Pacific Gas & Electric Company by the Center for Irrigation Technology on the campus at California State University, Fresno.  APEP is funded by California ratepayers through the Public Purpose Programs Charge under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.  

For more information contact: Theresa Sebasto, Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program, California State University, Fresno (559) 278-7808 ■

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