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Spring 2012

FWA Names New President

Davis was raised in Williams and is a resident of Colusa. He has worked in the rice industry for a number of years and is the current General Manager of Sutter Basin Growers in Knights Landing.  Davis has served on the FWA Board of Directors for over 10 years. 

Carrancho was one of the original founders of FWA and has served on the board since the organization started in 1991.  “I am pleased to hand over the leadership to Ray Davis, I know FWA will continue to thrive under Ray’s leadership”, said Mr. Carrancho.

“I am proud to work for such a great Board. Day in and day out they give of their time and expertise to assure that FWA remains a strong advocate for the agricultural industry”, said Ashley Indrieri, Chief Operations Officer of FWA. “Joe Carrancho is truly one of the most generous and honest people I know and I am pleased to see him remain on our Board.”

The officers of the Board also include Gary Teregawa as Vice-President, Kalyn Lewis as Chief Financial Officer and Mary Spooner Danley as Secretary.  The nine member Board of Directors each serve a two year term. ■


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