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Spring 2014

FWA Hires New Chief Operations Officer

Family Water Alliance, Inc. (FWA), a water and private property rights non-profit organization, is proud to announce the hiring of Nadine Bailey as its new Chief Operations Officer.

Nadine comes to FWA with a wealth of experience, with over 13 years’ experience working for a north state Assemblyman and a north state Senator. She has served as the President of the Timber Producers of Wisconsin and Michigan, and while in Wisconsin she served her community as a City Councilmember. She has been a school board member in Trinity County, Chair of the California Forest Industry Council and served on the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference Board.

Jerry Maltby stated, “We are confident that Nadine will successfully manage FWA and its mission of being a grassroots voice on issues of concerns for our rural communities.”

Along with implementing the mission of FWA, Nadine will also oversee FWA’s very successful Sacramento Valley Fish Screen Program.

With the experience and strengths Nadine brings with her, she will be an effective advocate; she has a comprehensive understanding of the issues that affect and impact water rights, land use, private property rights and rural agricultural communities. Nadine is acutely aware of the numerous issues that FWA has consistently addressed due to their negative impacts on our local communities, such as land acquisitions, ecosystem restoration, environmental regulations, the degradation of our flood control system, demands on our water supplies and issues that threaten the economic viability of agriculture.

Nadine was previously named Woman of the Year for California Women in Timber and Citizen of the Year, Trinity County. Nadine is a published author and is completing her B.A. from Simpson University in Organizational Leadership. She and her husband Walter, have two children, Justin and Elizabeth, and a grandson Donald. Nadine and Walter live on a small walnut farm in Anderson, California.



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