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Summer 2012

North State Water Management Plan Project Solicitation

As part of the Northern Sacramento Valley (NSV) Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Plan development process, the NSV IRWM Board invites you to consider submitting your organization’s proposed projects and programs for review and possible inclusion in the NSV IRWM Plan. The project and program submission period will take end on August 9th.

The NSV IRWM Plan is not regulatory in nature and is designed to reflect the voluntary cooperation and coordination of the planning efforts of local entities within the region, with input from the public. Through development of the IRWM Plan, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) and other regional, state and federal agencies will be better informed regarding the region’s priorities with regard to water resources management. Local entities, including but not limited to, cities, counties, tribes, and special districts seeking funding and/or endorsement through the NSV IRWM Plan will implement projects on a voluntary basis that are consistent with the NSV IRWM Plan, in compliance with existing Federal, State, and local law, as funding becomes available and as authorized within their legal authorities.

The NSV IRWM Board recently approved the Goals and Objectives for the NSV IRWM Plan. These Goals and Objectives, which were developed through extensive public outreach, reflect the vision and aspirations of the region and will serve as the foundation for the development of the Plan itself. The NSV Board is interested in all water-related projects and programs within the region that address one or more of the approved NSV IRWM Plan objectives. (See for a listing of the adopted Goals and Objectives). Your project/program is of interest to the NSV IRWM Board whether it is in a conceptual phase or is ready for implementation.

Potential benefits of submitting your proposal for inclusion in the IRWM Plan include: eligibility of your project/program for IRWM-specific funding programs; increased opportunities for funding from other sources; increased visibility, support, and information transfer to others in the region, and the state, for your project; and opportunities for partnering, integration, and coordination with others in the region for improved local and regional water management. The project/program proposal solicitation process will begin around July 10 with the availability of an online submittal process located on the NSV IRWMP website located at An alternate version of the proposal application will be made available for those who have limited access to the Internet. Once the solicitation process begins, you will have approximately four weeks to submit your project/program proposal. The project/program proposal deadline will be 5 pm, August 9, 2012.

To receive an email alert when the project solicitation process is launched, please email if you are not currently on the NSV IRWM email list. For more information on the NSV IRWM process, please visit:, or contact your local county representative on
the Technical Advisory Committee (see listing below):

Vickie Newlin, Butte County;
Lester Messina, Glenn County;
Gary Antone, Tehama County;
Mary Fahey, Colusa County;
Dan Peterson, Sutter County;
Eric Wedemeyer, Shasta County;   ■

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