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Winter 2008


By Rich Bottini

     Recently, I traveled to Sacramento and watched the Sacramento Kings play basketball.  I couldn’t help but notice the explosion in housing projects along the I-5 corridor.
   I thought to myself, the landscape is certainly changing in agriculture. There is an old saying among agricultural dealers, “the more things change, the more they remain the same.” However, I must admit that I am very apprehensive about urban sprawl.  It appears to me that we as an industry must be prepared to face future changes.
   Rural counties have never had to face the urban sprawl that we are experiencing today. I feel we must unite our rural counties and educate larger population areas regarding rural life styles. Further, ordinances should be implemented to protect local farms. Potential buyers should be made aware that dust, noise, and odors are produced by farming operations. Not everyone will be please with such partnerships. They will threaten developers and some property owners who wish to expand urban developments into the country.
   I encourage County Farm Bureaus and local grassroots organizations to start educational programs now. It is imperative that we broaden our support and inform California citizens of where their food is grown. Working together, we will remain a viable industry in the future. Working apart, we are destined to look like Arco Arena.■

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